He is a student of BE (Mechanical Engineering) from our college. He worked on a startup for more than a year and participated in Startup India Maharashtra Yatra where he got a chance to present his idea in Aurangabad region. After getting selected as finalist he went to Nagpur and there he met with more like minded people working on various projects in different sectors. This helped him to meet mentors on the way. With no knowledge of app development he looked out for team and added Ashish Kharche on-board. With this he started working on "Agradoot". With aim in mind to revolutionize intra city transportation of parcels utilizing available resources in the field. It also served as a courier service for the important documents, gadgets, accessories etc.



Abstract of Project: The number of landfills has grown substantially and waste is being dumped at landfill without proper segregation. Manual segregation process is inefficient and unable to cope up with heavy amount of waste generated by growth in population. Examining and detecting the type of garbage using Image Classification can be extremely productive and less time consuming. And hence, Purva and Rushikesh propose a framework which automates the process of Segregating Waste into Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable using Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence. This can help to improve recycling and reusing of waste and henceforth increasing production of Manure and Renewable Energy through Solid Waste.



Abstract of Project: The problem with today's healthcare system is that patient’s valuable medical records gets lost in the increasing papers of his medical history. Even if Electronic Medical Records are used, it’s still just in the scope of that hospital, whom the patient cannot use while visiting other hospitals. Due to large paper log of the patient, it becomes tedious for Doctor to read the entire patient history, and the patient is often re-diagnosed for the same disease. This results in waste of time and resources. So, Mustafa and Devyani propose a single platform for Hospitals, Clinics, Pathologies, Pharmacies and the decision making authorities. They plan to bring them together on the secure platform of Blockchain. Blockchain enables us to bring trust, security ad privacy in the ecosystem. Using our Voice Recognition and AI powered HMIS, doctor fills in the prescription, disease and other vital information about the patient. Finally, on visiting pharmacy, patient on giving just his UID will get the medicines prescribed to him.

selected for msme

(Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises)


Abstract of Project: After getting admission in new city generally students face problems in finding best suited hostels and mess facilities as well as instituted. Difficulty in finding Rooms / Flats / PG. Brokerage and trust on dealer. So, Patel Shoab propose a common web portal which provides in depth and much needed information about hostels, mess and flats around educational institutions. We are providing search on the basic of distance from educational institutions and also based on area suitable to student.



Abstract of Project: No easy way exists to involve citizens in Solid Waste Management that seem EASY and POPULAR! Even with useful technology solutions like Pune Connect by PMC, Behavioral Changes of Citizens haven’t been affected. Picking up litter or trash from streets is deemed as someone else’s job. Ashish and Abhijeet developed, "Professional Ploggers" A Concept where Ploggers (picking up trash while jogging), will help make City Clean with a Good Incentive. Plogging is a combination of jogging with picking up litter.



Abstract of Project: Digital fuel gauge in power cars. So they have proposed a Digital fuel gauge:the divice was designed for relway department. Everytime the fuel are check in Manually and measurement also not proper so that we are designed digital fuel gauge they are measuring fuel in digitaly and point to point fuel are also Measure, the fual gauge are connected in relway driver cabin so that properly observe the fual level, tank full or emety etc. The time are redused for used this device.

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